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    UHC Season 4


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    UHC Season 4

    Post by Cyan_ on Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:00 pm

    Obligatory Wall of Text

    What's up, guys!? It's that time of the month! UHC TIME! What else could I mean?

    Summary of UHC

    We will be playing on the 1.8.8 version of Minecraft. Better yet, we will be using a modded client. We will be using Forge 1.8 to play this version. Optifine is recommended for those with lower end computers, as Forge is not the best optimized for gameplay. We will have teams of two, and we will be using the achievement hunter module from Xisuma

    Then why use Forge?

    Because, silly goose, we are playing with the Mumble plugin. This will give us positional audio, and as we have two players per team (to encourage communication), this means that we will be able to hear when somebody is getting closer to you.

    Won't this encourage cheaters?

    What can I say, I'm a trusting guy. I trust SubSpace thoroughly, and I trust the Adanicx members who have come over (otherwise, would've said hell no). I trust that cheating won't ensue.

    When is this?

    Next Saturday, January 9th, 2016, at 8.00p GMT

    • Pacific Time is 12.00p

    • Mountain Time is 1.00p

    • Central Time is 2.00p

    • Eastern Time is 3.00p.

    We will be using the modded server's IP to play, meaning that the modded server will be unavailable from 6.00p GMT til UHC has finished.

    Okay, I wanna play. Sign me up now, damn it.

    Calm yo tits. Just comment here, and I'll add you to the list. Teams will be randomized thoroughly.

    Who has confirmed they will play?


    • Cyan_

    • Widdle

    • derklempner

    • Potato_4

    • Paul_

    • _Corv

    • Amitielle

    • Elllzman619

    • Jon_Ice

    • __Austin__

    I don't know anything about Forge or how to install, pls halp

    Worry not, for I have made a tutorial that you can check out here!

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